KOFIX Rostislav Pavlik

Mokra 353, Zlin-Mladcova 760 01
KOFIX - Rostislav Pavlík is a company based in the Czech Republic. The company produces its own industrial marking of all kinds - industrial and textile markers, household markers, stamping tools, and automatic punches.
The production is also focused on the range of goods for used car dealers, car showrooms - metallic fringes and flags, magnetic boards and plates to describe a vehicle, advertising banners or sheets.

We also supply pedestal-type and manual machines for micro-point marking, ultrasound welding machines, and workshop tools.
We perform micro-point marking, marking of labels with fiber laser, engraving, and induction soldering to order.

Range of goods for used car dealers
- metallic fringes and flags
- permanent markers for plastic, metal
- erasable markers for glass, boards
- sale plates for description
- pads under the licence plates.

Industrial marking
- micro-point marking equipment
- markers - industrial, textile, chalk, and pencils
- marking units, templates, and accessories for electrochemical marking
- electric arc engravers
- engraving tools, pens
- stamping tools, automatic punches.

Manual dies:
- alphabet, digits, characters.

Ultrasound devices:
- ultrasound polisher
- ultrasound welding machine, welder
- ultrasound sewing machine.

Workshop tools:
- magnifying devices - endoscope, head magnifying glass, pocket microscopes
- magnetic tools - permanent clamping magnets, magnetic flexible extractor
- balancers
- electricity meters.

Induction heating equipment:
- induction generators - mid-frequency, high-frequency, ultra-high-frequency
- accessories - pneumatic couplings, pneumatic hoses, insulation sealing, sealants
- production of components for induction heating
- smelting furnaces incl. accessories.

  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools
  • manufacture of single-purpose machinery, distribution of belt lines, manufacturing lines, assembly lines
  • welding inverters, multiple-function welding semiautomatic machines, welding transformers, plasma cutters, cutting machines, welding wires, pressure reducing valves, welding torches, welding cables, protective sprays and pastes, plastic pipe welders, pressure cylinders
  • sale of car spare parts, car accessories sale
  • promo gifts, USB flash discs, competition and sponsor articles, promotional clock with alarm, caps and T-shirts with logo, promotional drawing implements

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Production, e-shop metallic fringes, pennants for used car dealers - against birds, for advertising purposes Czech Republic

Production, e-shop metallic fringes, pennants for used car dealers - against birds, for advertising purposes Czech Republic

Metallic fringes and flags are used as a designation of sales areas, for used car dealers, other car dealers, sports grounds, playgrounds and building parks. They are designed for advertising purposes, as well as an effect against birds, effectively discouraging them. The Czech company KOFIX from Zlín Region produces metallic fringes and flags. It supplies them in the Czech Republic and abroad. You can find a complete assortment at our e-shop. Custom manufacturing is also possible for advertising purposes. Fringes, frills: - single-coloured, multicolored, striped - packing 20 meters - can be tailored to measure. Pennants, flags: - available in these colors - white, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, green, black - produce any color combination possible - color changes by 20 cm - made of quality materials - weather resistant and do not fade in the sunshine.