Production, e-shop metallic fringes, pennants for used car dealers - against birds, for advertising purposes Czech Republic

Metallic fringes and flags are used as a designation of sales areas, for used car dealers, other car dealers, sports grounds, playgrounds and building parks. They are designed for advertising purposes, as well as an effect against birds, effectively discouraging them.

The Czech company KOFIX from Zlín Region produces metallic fringes and flags. It supplies them in the Czech Republic and abroad. You can find a complete assortment at our e-shop. Custom manufacturing is also possible for advertising purposes.

Fringes, frills:
- single-coloured, multicolored, striped
- packing 20 meters
- can be tailored to measure.

Pennants, flags:
- available in these colors - white, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, green, black
- produce any color combination possible
- color changes by 20 cm
- made of quality materials - weather resistant and do not fade in the sunshine.

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KOFIX Rostislav Pavlik

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