Furniture doors T.classic - new decors in imitation of concrete and wood decor Czech Republic

The current trends for the furniture doors are wood decor and laminated doors in the imitation of concrete.

New furniture doors decors can be purchased from Trachea Holešov, which is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture doors in the Czech Republic.

Laminated furniture doors T.classic:
- imitation of concrete, building materials - light, dark concrete
- wood decor - a realistic imitation of the structure of oak, ash, pine.

Doors can be combined with other surface materials. The laminated doors in a wood decor are distinguished in connection with the varnished doors, the perfect combination is also the imitation of concrete and light wood decor.

Practical characteristics:
- a single foil joint is on the back of the door, so the door is protected from dirt and moisture penetration
You will appreciate the easy maintenance of the doors.

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