Welded screens custom produced - welded screens in various variants the Czech Republic

Welded screens are widely used. If you are looking for a welded screens manufacturer, who is able to customize high precision welded screens and in various variants, then contact SITAP s.r.o. from Czech Republic.
Headquarters: Horní Újezd – Region Olomouc.

The company has two welding machines from Swiss company Schlatter for the production of welded screens. These machines manufacture with high productivity, the precision corresponds to high demands.

Production possibilities:
- combination of different wire diameters
- combination of different distances of longitudinal and cross wires
- production of welded screens with 20 x 20 mm mesh, continuously increasing by 1 mm.
- steel wire according to ČSN 426410.1, hot-dip galvanized wire.

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SITAP, s.r.o.

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