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Tokamak – experimental and theoretical research – physics of internal and marginal plasma

Institute of plasma physics is one of the 53 scientific institutes in the Czech Republic which belong to Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Do you ask what everything we research and what for our projects focuses on? That΄s really a lot of it!

We have six departments where the material physics, plasma and the other branches are researching. It΄s about the following departments:

- Thermal plasma (theoretical and experimental research of electrical arc, modelling of arc discharge and plasma flow)
- Materials engineering (physical and chemical processes in material after their interaction with plasma)
- Impulse systems (low, middle and high impulse outputs)
- Laser plasma (creating plasma from gas targets)
- Tokamak (peripheral plasma, plasma interaction with electromagnetic vibration, development of advanced diagnostic methods)
-TOPTEC centre
We focus and participate on the following research:
- Plasma interaction with the other states of matter
- Controlled thermonuclear fusion
- Plasma-based or aided waste treatment
- Exploitation of electric discharges
- Plasma spraying processes and the other plasma activities
- Plasma generators

In our institute we offer a chance students for which physics is the main branch of study and often also the content of life.
We cooperate with the ΘVUT Charles University in Prague. A new study specialization under the name Physics and technology thermonuclear fusion was opened in 2006.

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Scientific research of plasma physics and its applications Prague, the Czech Republic

Scientific research of plasma physics and its applications Prague, the Czech Republic

The main activity of the Institute of plasma physics AS CR, v.v.i. is scientific research of plasma physics and its application. Our activities include the research and development in the following areas: - Thermonuclear fusion ...