Scratch resistant, abrasion resistant furniture doors - Fenix nanoparticle material the Czech Republic

The material FENIX with nanoparticles from Trachea in the Czech Republic is an innovative product among furniture doors. Furniture doors belong to the premium EXTRA DELUXE range, a combination of aesthetic solutions with exceptional technological parameters, thanks to the use of the nanotechnology and new generation acrylic resins.

The door is suitable for the interior of the house, apartment, for business and corporate premises as well as for the catering and healthcare sectors. It is used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces - kitchen doors and furniture doors, walls, surface table material, counters, libraries, etc.

The panel surface has unique features:
- significantly matte finish
- excellent color intensity and depth - Light resistance
- low light reflectance due to extreme opacity
- surface nanoparticles cause high scratch resistance, abrasion, dry heat and stains
- thermal repair of surface microscopic scratches
- high resistance to acidic solvents and household products
- fingerprints are not visible on the material and are pleasantly soft to the touch
- improved antibacterial properties
- hygienic material, suitable for food contact.

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