High-temperature silicone sealant - Lukopren S 9780

The "Lucebni zavody Kolin" company, a manufacturer of silicone sealants, construction and industrial chemistry, offers you a high-temperature silicone sealant - Lukopren S 9780

The neutral professional sealant for the engineering, automotive and construction industry.
Lukopren S 9780 - the sealant with increased resistance to high temperatures (up to 300°C), fire, swelling in organic solvents, oil products and chemicals. The high-temperature silicone sealant for parting planes of gearbox flange connections, axle drives, oil sumps, pumps etc., further for sealing of boilers, pumps, compressors, dryers and chimneys.
It is produced in four colour shades, a formula can be adapted according to specific requirements.
It is supplied in cartridges (310 and 80 ml) and blisters (25 ml), can be filled into private cartridges and other customer's wrappings.
There is also the Lukopren S 9440 acid high-temperature silicone sealant in the range of products.

The offer has been placed by company Lucebni zavody a.s. Kolin

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