Trapezoidal screws production - Jihlava, Vysocina (the Highlands), the Czech Republic

Trapezoidal screws production - Jihlava, Vysocina (the Highlands).

Our company is engaged in production:
-trapezoidal screws in lengths up to 6 m, diameter from 10-80 mm
-carriage bolts (diameter 5-16 mm, length 16-280 mm)
-compound screws
-special screws and fixtures
-metric threaded bars M3 to M80 up to length of 6 m, etc.

Demand, permanent purchase, buying:
-sheet metal clippings of 2-6 mm thickness from materials of class 10 and 11 of minimum size of 500x300 mm
-trapezoidal screwing taps of sizes of the above mentioned 10x3 to 80x8 trapezoidal screws, etc.

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