The offer has been placed by company ERILENS s.r.o. Zdravotnicke pomucky a material Praha

Sale of forearm crutches and walking sticks Prague, the Czech Republic

The ERILENS Ltd. company manufactures and sells:
- Forearm crutches
- Wooden crutches
- Underarm crutches
- Lightweight duralumin crutches of high carrying capacity
- Walking sticks and accessories for crutches.

Underarm crutches are suitable as a post-traumatic locomotion aid.
We offer conventional crutches also in child size and wide range of colour versions.
We offer walking sticks:
- Wooden
- Duralumin
- Folding
- Height-adjustable
- With various shapes of handles.
Wide range of accessories for walking sticks and crutches:
- Crutch holders
- Hand grip covers and underarm rest covers
- Walking stick wrist straps
- Rubber anti-slip tips with spikes and more.
Are you troubled with limited mobility?
We are here for you to provide you greater comfort and convenience.

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