The offer has been placed by company JONAS SPEED s.r.o.

International road transport, transportation of dangerous goods Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic

JONAS SPEED s.r.o. is a company from the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union, which focuses not only on transport to Switzerland and Italy, but also provides transportation throughout the whole Czech Republic. We are able to provide transport also to other European or non-European countries.

In the field of transport we specialize in and provide international road transport of consignments, including transport of dangerous freights ADR, including express haulage and transport of piece consignments and full truck loads, for which we use pick-up lines.

What can we provide for you:
- Transport of goods to Switzerland, Italy and back
- Express trucking and transport of piece consignments and full truck loads
- Pick-up lines
- Oversized cargoes
- Foreign transport within the European Union and beyond
- Customs services
- Transportation of dangerous loads ADR
- Storage and reloading of shipments.

Thanks to our knowledge of the region and established contacts, we can deliver shipments with maximum efficiency, at reasonable prices and in a required time limit.

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