Crystal chandeliers Elite Bohemia the Czech Republic

Crystal chandeliers are manufactured, assembled and sold by Ing. Josef Chlum's company - ELITE BOHEMIA in Semily.

We offer wide range of chandeliers with glass, which is hand cut and painted, pressed, decorated with gold, double-layered or cut through.

In our catalogue you can choose from chandeliers of the following series:
- Original Classic
- Ceiling Mount (ceiling suspension)
- Royal Crystal
- Bohemian decorated (decorated with Czech procedures)
- Ligh style
- Metal Varieties (with metal elements)
- Halogen line
- Estate collection.

We use quality materials in all production and we apply traditional, as well as modern manufacturing processes.

We produce both lighting fittings in normal price range and custom-made masterpieces.

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Ing. Josef Chlum - ELITE BOHEMIA

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