Sling chains

-tested and untested welded chains with a diameter of 2 mm - 60 mm
-knotted chains with a diameter of 1.8 mm - 5.5 mm
-high strength sling chains with a diameter of 5 mm -34 mm, the quality of 4 - 10
-binding chains and their accessories (hooks, lugs, sling head shorteners, transition members) in the quality of 2 - 8
-snow / tire chains for passenger cars, vans, lorries, off-road vehicles, tractors, small tractors and high lift trucks
-tyre protection chains for wheel loaders of earth moving machines
-skidder chains for logging tractors, loaders and earth moving machines
-forest chains and chokers including accessories
-chains for mining plants
-fishing chains in the quality of 8
-conveyer chains
-forgings up to 7.5 kg
-drawn wire 1.8 mm - 16 mm.

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