KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s., a company from the Czech Republic, which is part of the European Union, a member of the INDUSTRIAL SYNERGY Group, is a modern company engaged in large-lot custom cold steel processing. Its production program is focused mainly on processing of steel strips and profiles using a wide range of technologies.

It provides its partners with a comprehensive range of services that includes everything from product design and development, testing, preparation of production documentation and sample delivery, to series manufacturing, assembly with other parts (e.g. plastic or wood), packaging and delivery to a designated location.

The production is based on modern universal technologies as well as highly specialized single-purpose technological units.
KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. constantly renews and expands the machinery and technology park according to the current needs of the company in response to the requirements of its partners.

Currently used technologies offer the following processes:

- coil cutting
- cold rolling of open or closed profiles
- cutting of profiles and sheet material, laser cutting
- deformation-free bending of thin-walled profiles
- bending of wires
- sheet metal forming by pressing and bending
- automatic threading and flowdrilling
- resistance and arc robotic welding
- powder coating
- chrome plating or galvanizing

The company's offer is not limited to the production itself. KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. offers its partners a complete background for the implementation of projects from the initial design to the delivery of the final product:

- development and design,
- delivery of samples,
- optimalization,
- serial production,
- packaging and logistics,
- delivery,
- technological development.

KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. represents a significant, dynamically developing company in its region with more than 850 employees, a wide range of modern technologies and a turnover of more than CZK 2.4 billion.

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