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Do you run a business and need to temporarily strengthen the labour forces? Thanks to the ADECCO agency there is no need anymore for you to hire new employees and after some time fire them again. Our Temporary Help program will provide you with a qualified temporary worker for a time period of your own choice. All that without worries and unnecessary paperwork.

The Temporary Help service is intended for small and large companies that want to have flexible labour forces at their disposal. You can thus full-time employ only the key employees and in case of a seasonal peak, illness or maternity leave, use the qualified employees from our ranks. You do not have to waste time recruiting and training new workers, for we will get you a trained worker within a couple of hours.

We offer short-term or long-term temporaries for your company in the following fields:

- administration
- industry, manufacture
- gastro, tourism
- information staff
- retail, wholesale
- market research, marketing
- warehouse, distribution

We will help you solve a sudden shortage of labour forces quickly and easily. At the same time, thanks to the agency staffing your costs and duties will be minimal. We will take care of the administration and payroll procedures instead of you. Use the Temporary Help service and gain a reputation of a stable company that employs the best workers.

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