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Precision cut components, 1 to 200 mm thick - produced in Czech Republic

Looking for a reliable company to supply you with precision cut components? Zekof, s.r.o., located in Loštice, in the Šumperk District and close to Olomouc, produces precision cut components using gas and plasma cutting tools.

Services are provided across the entire Olomouc region and agree Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad.

Zekof, s.r.o. has world-class gas and plasma cutting tools capable of producing precision cut components with thicknesses from 1 to 200 mm.

The company also offers blasting and other machining services for components. Direct shipping of components is available along with shipment within 24 hours upon agreement.

We are equipped with the best machine tools and measurement devices to ensure we process your order quickly and accurately.

Delivering high quality services and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities.

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Complete engineering manufacture - turning, metalworking, milling, the ...

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