Zekof, s.r.o.


CNC plazmový stroj

The company Zekof, s.r.o. in Lostice near Sumperk specializes in conventional machining, such as turning, milling, metalworking and drilling. In our machining center we carry out precise machining on CNC machines, including 3D measurement. For the production we use rich machinery equipment, from the vertical lathe (carousel) to the horizontal boring or cutting machines. We offer our services not only in the whole Olomouc region, but also throughout the whole Czech and Slovak republic, as well as abroad. Satisfaction of the customer and quality of the products are our main objectives.

Production and services:
- metalworking
- machining of steel weldments, castings
- production of new parts
- shape cutting of material on the cutting machine
- production of lightweight components for agricultural industry
- precise machining on CNC machines
- 3D measurement
- shape cutting on cutting machines - straight or shape cutting of steel sheets
- production and assembly of lightweight steel constructions and reinforcing, including blasting and spraying
- plasma bevel cutting
- machining of oversized parts and products
- milling, precise machining, drilling, planing
- powder coating and paint baking (KOMAXIT)
- material burning.

- in our gas and plasma cutting workplaces we cut burnouts of thickness 1-200 mm
- burnouts can be blasted in our blasting machines (blasting)
- machining of burnouts.

Machinery equipment
- lathes (carousel)
- 5 axis machining center
- 3D measuring device
- horizontal boring machines
- cutting machines
- sided planer
- hydraulic press brake
- box for applying powder paint and firing oven.

Czech Companies:    

Machining, turning and milling work


Metal surface finish treatment


Spare parts for machinery and equipment


Steel structures and metal stairs


turning, metalworking, carousel, milling, machining center, 3D measurement Olomouc, the Czech Republic