Compact and lightweight rubber plates with various designs, Czech Republic

KOMPONENTY, a.s. ZLÍN from Czech Republic has extensive experience in the development, manufacture and sales of shoe components. We offer a broad selection of products including compact and lightweight rubber plates.

Looking for quality and proven shoe materials? You’ve come to the right place! Reliable KOMPONENTY, a.s. ZLÍN is a major Czech producer of shoe components. We have a truly broad range of products, allowing you to choose by design, hardness, weight or compound.

Rubber plates:

- styropor
- korkfant
- evac
- styropor
- poreten - houba - duroten
- obolit.

Compact and lightweight rubber shoe plates are offered in basic and optional colours. We deliver rubber plates in white, black, yellow, grey and in blue and other colours.

Contact our company and make use of our long tradition and experience in the development, manufacture and sales of components for more than just the shoe industry.

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