Farming livestock and other animals are offered both in classical and in organic form such as organic farms. Goats, sheep, cattle, forest and deer but also domestic animals like cats, dogs or aquarium fish, all only from the best breeders.

AGRODRUZSTVO KLAS Zemedelske druzstvo
Agrodružstvo Klas focuses on animal and plant production. We are breeding cattle, pigs and milk production. Our other activities include repair of agricultural machinery, locksmith work and we also run a fuel station, which can be found in the Rohoznice center. We are located in the village Křičeň, district Pardubice. Agricultural ...
Lenka Ficbauerova Farma Jestrabi
Sawmill production: -wood processing of trusses, slats, planks, fences. Breeding beef cattle breeds WAGYU and AA. Ostrich farm - sale of meat, eggs and meat products.
Fransimo Bohemia
Bc. Simona Lahodová runs the internationally protected kennel Fransimo Bohemia. I breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They are preparing their dogs for a show career and breeding other even better individuals of this exceptional, loving, non-conflicting breed, which the Staffordshire Bull Terrier definitely is. You will find our kennel in Říčany ...
Breeding breeding ducks. Reproductive breeding of meat-type hens - slow-growing broiler Poultry hatching

Wood production, custom production: - pergolas, gazebos, garage sheds - garden cottages - terraces - rustic furniture Kennel.

Breeding of African caviar snails Helix aspersa maxima. The breeding is focused on the production of snail caviar and the breeding of calibrated adult snails for meat processing. Artistic blacksmithing and locksmithing: -gates, fences, grilles, railings, candlesticks, furniture, garden furniture, wine shops, hanging packaging for flower ...

Joinery, sawmill and beekeeping production. Wood drying.

Sales, e-shop: - dog and cat food. Services: - working breeding of German shepherds - dog school.

Sale - med - Mead Sale - beekeeping tools - bee products - beekeeping

Kennel - cat breeding CATS RAGDOLL

Production, sale: Briquettes: -from energy plants and biomass package 10kg, on a pallet 1 ton, big bag-500 kg -mixtures of straw and sorrel -clean wood waste. Plant products: -wheat cereals (food and feed), feed barley -rapeseed oil, -leaf peas food -energetic herbs, sorrel herb UTEUŠA. Animal production, sale: -pigs breeding about ...

Dog school. Dog training: - all breeds of dogs - basic obedience courses - complete obstacle course available for AGILITY - maneuverability tests - preparation of dogs for shows and breeding

Body and soul care: - massage services, massages. Services: - education and training of guide and assistance dogs for the blind and severely visually impaired and otherwise handicapped. Publishing: - CD and DVD production - audio and video recordings.

Transport, road transport, services: - international and domestic road transport of piece and full truckload consignments - ADR - logistics, warehousing Services: - car service - tire service Beekeeping E-shop, sale: - beekeeping tools - Mead - bee products

Sale: - ornamental fish - feeding - air conditioners, pumps - aquatic plants.