Hunting involves many functions, which include management of forest, agricultural and other land or to the organisation of charging the guns. Also selling zvěřinového meat, trapping wild game, taxidermy hunting trophies, but also care about the forest cloven-hoofed and feathered animals.

FARMA VENDOLSKY s.r.o. rostlinna vyroba
Family company FARMA VENDOLSKÝ s.r.o. focuses on conventional crop production and organic fruit growing. Our activities also include hunting, marginal animal production and we also run a general store, a tire service and a dining room. We are based in Bohušov, Bruntál district. Crop production:  - cereals  - wheat, barley  - sugar beet  - ...
Lesni druzstvo Vysoke Chvojno.s.r.o
Lesní družstvo Vysoké Chvojno.s.r.o currently consists of 16 municipalities and the company manages about 4,700 ha of forest land. Our services include the purchase and sale of game, sale of firewood and also fee hunting of black, fallow deer and roe deer. We also run Penzion Zámeček. We are located in the village of Vysoké Chvojno at Soběslavova ...
Ekofarma Jedlova
Ekofarma Jedlová Václav Sedláček is engaged in organic cattle breeding and growing grain in organic quality. We also have our own hunting area with the possibility of catching game and we offer pasture owners mowing and harvesting permanent grassland. We are based in Okrouhlá near Cheb. Livestock production, organic farming:  - breeding cattle ...
Comprehensive forestry work: - cultivation activity - extraction and approach of wood, firewood - management of the forest, forests - forestry - hunting.

The founder and owner of Plánské lesy, s.r.o. is the town of Planá since 1999. Plánské lesy, s.r.o. manage forest land intended for forest functions (PUPFL) with a total area of 1,059.26 ha. The main activities of the company are logging and cultivation care of the forest, forest protection, production and sale of wood, lumber and fuels and the ...

Hunting, accommodation, Myslivna restaurant - to order: Hunting: -hunting pheasants and wild ducks -deer shooting (for a fee). Sale: -seven-week-old pheasant chicks, seasonal sale Hunting lodge HUNTING HOUSE: -solitude, pleasant peaceful natural environment -stylish equipment of the object -restaurant (capacity 50 people) -small ...

Sales and mining - wood Forestry - we provide hunting services

Services in the field of agriculture, forestry and hunting plant production, animal production Hobby breeding of wildebeest and mouflon game. Sale, catch: - live forest animals, venison - spotted fallow deer, mouflon.

The contributory organization Lázeňské lesy Karlovy Vary manages forests owned by the statutory city of Karlovy Vary. We are engaged in forestry, management of entrusted land and forest stands. We provide care for the forest and forest regeneration, as well as logging and the provision of hunting services. The main part of the forests in the ...

- Management in forests owned by the state - protective service - management of small watercourses - hunting and fishing - forestry education and publishing activities

Forestry work. Forestry and hunting.

Management in state-owned forests. Protective service. Management of small watercourses. Hunting and fishing. Forest education and publishing activities.

Forest administration Vsetín: - Jasenice district, tel. 571412199 - Velké Karlovice district, tel. 571444332 - Huslenky district, tel. 571457651. Headquarters, Directorate: - Přemyslova 1106, Hradec Králové 8. Management in state-owned forests. Forestry activity, forestry. Logging. Hunting, hunting.

Forest area - belongs to the Bruntál Forest Administration.

Forests of the Czech Republic. Forest administration Náměšť nad Oslavou.

Hunting supplies - a specialized store for hunters, hunters, cynologists and nature lovers: - optics for hunting and sports, night vision, clothes for hunters, canine equipment and accessories for weapons - professional lamps and lights - binoculars, rifle scopes and also collimators - knives, camera traps, hunting equipment and more.