Breeding deals with the control of breeding, breeding and registration of farm animals, but also by selective breeding of new breeds of animals and their subsequent breeding. Breeders offers purebred breeds of different domestic and farm animals.

-Wood processing, production of wooden, cork, wicker and straw products -Wholesale and retail trade

Production: - agricultural -vegetable -animal - feed. Services: -insemination of cattle.

Introducing the company KVATRO-EKOSTATEK, spol. s r.o., which deals with the breeding and sale of horses and beef cattle. We also sell organic meadow hay. We use extensive pastures and a clean environment around the White Carpathians for breeding. We specialize in sport horses of modern world lines based on Hanoverian and Holstein ...

Business activity: -export, import of livestock -operation of a collection center for export to EU countries -consulting activities in the field of agriculture. Animals for slaughter: -bulls for slaughter, -cows for slaughter, -heifers for slaughter, -Sheep for slaughter -pigs for slaughter, -conventional fattening of cattle. ...

Production, service and installation of recessed and above ground pools. Manufacture of roofing and sale of accessories for swimming pools.

Riding School: - horse riding lessons. Accommodations. Restaurant. Opening hours: -Mon-Sun 11-20 - riding school 9-11; 14-17 Out of season riding school Mon-Fri, other times Mon agreement.

Lukaz, s.r.o. provides car rental. They supply construction machines of all types, trucks, buses and other equipment.

Sale: - garden equipment - gardening supplies - tools

- Mediation of business and services -Wholesale and retail -Providing services for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming, forestry and hunting

Production center: -sale oil spare parts (freight cars, tractors) oils lubricants -purchase, sale agricultural commodities corn -agricultural production vegetable animal -transport Liaz Avia -repairs, service Agriculture machinery trucks. Mass production center: -sale meat products ...

-Wholesale and retail - Extracurricular education and training, organization of courses, training, including lecturing activities -Providing services for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming, forestry and hunting

Mixed economy Support activities for agriculture and post-harvest activities Supporting activities for livestock production

Import, export, export, import: - breeding, breeding cattle. Insemination: - phone: 569408333. Laboratory: - phone: 569408332.

Feed production Realization of constructions and their changes Preparatory work for the construction Mediation of trade in the scope of free trade Brokerage activity in the scope of free trade Finishing works in the implementation of exteriors and interiors Services for plant production, animal production without veterinary services Retail ...

Boar insemination station. Services: -breeding.

Breeding of breeding bulls. Breeding services. Production and sale of insemination doses. Marketing in the field of cattle breeding.