The operation of the waterways involves the management of water flows, flood protection, water quality control, water management, protection of surface waters, water quality control, repair of water supply facilities and other tasks to ensure the smooth operation of waterways.

The state-owned enterprise Povodí Vltavy deals with operation and maintenance of waterworks owned by the state. We manage nearly 22,000 km of watercourses in the hydrological basin of the Vltava River and other defined hydrological basins. We also manage 113 water tanks and 10 polders. We carry out activities related to the identification and ...

Vltava river basin, state enterprise, Berounka plant.

The main activities of the Most Municipal Forest Administration include professional forest management, water management and hunting operations. Our organization manages forests located in the forest sections of Mníšek, Klíny, Přehrada, Ressl and Staré u Třebívlic. We also offer transportation of wood by tractor, wood cutting and sale of ...

The Vltava River Basin, a state-owned enterprise, continues the best traditions and experience of Czech water management. The aim is to improve the possibilities of versatile use of surface and groundwater in the entire hydrological basin of the Vltava so that it remains an important place for a healthy environment and full human life.

Performance of river basin management: Elbe river basin: - dam: - Fojtka, tel .: 485 146 791 - Harcov, tel .: 485 107 291 - Bedřichov, tel .: 483 104 298 - Souš, tel .: 483 383 215 - Mšeno, tel .: 483 320 350 - Josefův Důl, tel .: 483 380 104

The Elbe River Basin, a state-owned enterprise. Jablonec nad Nisou plant. Performance of river basin management.

Ship management performance.

Performance of river basin management.

Wood saw Production, sales - biomass briquettes intended for combustion in stoves and boilers in households - chopped firewood Maintenance and repairs - ponds Lock Cultivation - forestry work - hunting Breeding - Common carp fish Agricultural activity - crop production-cultivation - beets - cereals

We maintain urban forests, small watercourses and water works, we take care of the special protection of the territory and we spread awareness about ecological education. Our activities include: Urban forests - forest park Šárka, Chuchle, Hostivař, Hodkovičky, Bohnice - new plantings, cultivation and restoration of the forest - picnic ...

Mapping: -water sources in the vicinity of houses, gardens, construction plots -optimal place for making a well or borehole, determining the exact depth, capacity and quality of the springs -forgotten engineering networks, lost valuable metal objects / rings, glasses, keys, earrings, etc./ with the help of Fisher 75 LTD and Gemini-3 depth ...

The Terezín plant. Ohře basin. -watercourse management.

Chomutov plant. Ohře basin. -watercourse management.

Karlovy Vary plant. Ohře basin. -watercourse management.

Corporate Directorate. Ohře basin. -watercourse management.

Interest organization. -fish farming and related activities.

Management, maintenance, repairs and investment activities on significant and designated small watercourses. Operation and maintenance of water works. Activities related to the detection and assessment of the state of surface and underground waters. Flood protection measures. Cooperation in the disposal of accidents on ...

Oder basin, Šance dam - dyke. Management, maintenance: - Chance dam.