The construction of the well is not just about a simple excavation of the hole into the ground. It is necessary to perform other activities, which include work hydrogeologa and implementation of project documentation, after which no longer followed by the drilling or digging wells in certain dimensions.

TALPA - RPF, s.r.o.
Earthworks: -trenchless pipelaying - engineering communications and service pipelines -passages under the roads, railways, rivers/ water streams, earth controlled trenchless pipelaying -controlled horizontal drilling -moling. Ecology: -decontamination - old environmental burdens -waste management -geological, hydrogeological/ ground ...
We are engaged in: -engineering-geological surveys -structurally-technological bore holes -hydrogeological surveys -bored wells -heat pump holes -micropiles -diagnostic bore holes -technical consultation. We are a holder of certificates: -ISO 9001:2001 -ISO 14001:2005.