In the kitchen cannot do without flour, sugar and healthy fats. Get your therefore, the stocks of icing sugar and crystal sugar, smooth, polohrubou and coarse flour of wheat, spelt, or whole wheat, and the fats in the form of margarines, butter and vegetable and animal oils.

Meduska Monika Bednarova
Our family company Meduška, based in the Třebíč district, offers its customers all products made from "ordinary honey". We produce absolutely amazing and extraordinary products full of health, aromas and wonderful tastes. We offer you not only individual types of honey delicacies, but especially gift packaging of honey and products from our bees. ...
Toyota Tsusho Europe SA Czech Republic Branch trading, logistics
There are divisions of metalworking, production of spare parts and logistics, robotics and project management, chemical processing and electronics and consumer goods in the Czech Republic. Steel department provides supply of steel products, such as rods, wires, pipes and flat products in wide range of versions. We offer these products in ...
Stavby PM - Pavel Machu
Stavby PM Pavel Machů from the Zlín Region implements concrete industrial floors throughout the Czech Republic - interior and exterior and synthetic floors. We also provide special finishes of concrete floors in order to extend their service life and repair industrial floors. Refinement of concrete floors with materials based on synthetic resins ...
Vcelarstvi Zdenek Rezanina
Handmade beeswax processing. E-shop with beeswax products. Bottled, cast, tea candles, waxed napkins, honey. Sale of meadow flower seeds and flowers for bees.
MLYN HERBER spol. s r.o.
Manufacture of grain mill products: -wheat flour -mill feed -special baking and biscuit flours. Mill Holasovice: -tel.: +420-553662030. Sale: -T600 maize grits (for production of crackers) -feeding corn flour -corn flour for gluten free diet.
Potraviny Nova Paka Ladislav Knap
The Nová Paka - Ladislav Knap food retail store offers a wide range of food and non-food goods. You will find fresh pastries, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cold cuts, soft drinks, drugstores and cleaning products. We are located on Komenského Street in Nová Paka. Offer of our store, retail sale: - food - bread, pastries - pastries, ...
The company ARIMEX TRADE s.r.o. focuses on trade in agricultural plant commodities, fertilizers and feed components. Arimex Bratislava spol. s r. o. is a Slovak private company, which started its activities in 1992. In 1993, the company Arimex Trade s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, with which it is personally connected. The company operates ...
Pfahnl Backmittel, spol. s r.o.
The company Pfahnl Backmittel, spol. s r.o. is a regionally operating family business, which lies at the heart not only of the future of our region, but also of the entire environment. The company provides raw materials for bakers and confectioners. It offers preparations for common pastries, flours, mixes and raw materials for the bakery, ...
LEOPON s.r.o.
Company LEOPON s.r.o. specializes in the production of hygienically packaged sugar and coffee or tea accessories. We offer promotional hygienically packed candy or other printed products that will ensure a great promotion of your business or facility. We pack white or cane sugar and almonds in chocolate into paper bags. We supply two types of bags ...
Discount for your kitchen. Food distribution.

Family company FARMA VENDOLSKÝ s.r.o. focuses on conventional crop production and organic fruit growing. Our activities also include hunting, marginal animal production and we also run a general store, a tire service and a dining room. We are based in Bohušov, Bruntál district. Crop production:  - cereals  - wheat, barley  - sugar beet  - ...

Nugget Wholesale, sale: -food, confectionery, chilled products -alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Network of MO stores.

The company is engaged in the sale of honey. Production of chocolate and nut spreads. Honey and creams for the food industry.

Shopping center, retail, wholesale, sale: -foodstuffs -cigarettes -alcoholic beverages -grocery store. Exchange office.

Retail, sales: - Shop - Bistro - grocery store. Private accommodation White 169

Sale: - grocery store. Accommodations: - apartments.

Pavlík Pavlíková s.r.o. runs Můj obchod, which is a retail store operating under the umbrella of Makro ČR. In the store you will find a wide range of consumer goods, food and drinks.

Food Ngoc s.r.o. - sale of food and miscellaneous goods. Food is part of the CP BALA chain.

Zdeňka Jozková focuses on the sale of mixed goods.

Sale - grocery store Hotel house - 1 - 3 bed rooms with standard and superior equipment - each room has its own bathroom with an anteroom and a built-in wardrobe - 24-hour reception - daily cleaning - bSecurity service - massage, cosmetic, hairdressing salon sales - grocery store - ...

Production and sale: - Štramberk ears - sale of food and miscellaneous goods - refreshments and souvenirs - accommodation under Trúba

Foodstuffs. Retail, sales: -foodstuffs.

Company Natural Jihlava JK s.r.o. focuses on rational nutrition, macrobiotic, gluten-free diet and diet products. We are engaged in the production of wholemeal and gluten-free biscuits, we operate a wholesale warehouse and supply health food stores throughout the Czech Republic. We supply a wide range of organic quality food for vegans, ...

Retail, sales: - food - tobacco - newspapers, magazines - drinks - pastries - collection center Sazka.