Games and toys for girls and for boys enrich every childhood. Get because your kids board games, wooden games, creative toys, experimental sets, building blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, or to be didactic and educational games. This ensures them great fun.

Vlcek Jiri s.r.o.
Production, sale: -connecting and repairing elements from wood: -side-links -repairing boat-pieces -furniture pegs -branch patches -blinding plugs -furniture clips -railings -pole timber -turned parts. Wood turning.
Production, sale, plastics processing: -packaging and insulating films, print-decorated sheets, technical foils -steam permeable films -BO PET films and laminates -floor covering LINO FATRA, THERMOFIX -PVC granulation products -profiles and tubing -conveyor belts and driving-belts made of PVC -leatherettes, poromeres/ synthetic ...