Do you enjoy playing musical instruments? You can buy a guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, wind instruments – flutes, tubas, bassoons, clarinets or stringed instruments – violin, double basses and violas. Don't forget the music, i.e. sheet music and music textbooks.

AKORD Hudebni nastroje Vera Petru
AKORD, based in Kyjov, has been selling musical instruments and accessories since 1990. At the same time, we also offer a service. Our assortment includes musical instruments for all age groups, including accessories. Then chairs, cases, stands, cables, microphones and lamps. You can find everything for musicians with us: - wind instruments ...
Elektrosluzby Vladimir Zotov
Our company Vladimír Zotov, which is based in Brandýs nad Orlicí, deals with electrical repairs. Our other services include repairs of electrical machines, devices and tuning of guitar strings. Offered services: - wiring - wiring repairs - repairs of electrical machines - repairs of electrical appliances - tuning of guitar ...
Janicek PICKS, s.r.o.
Picks manufactured by Janicek PICKS, s.r.o. are a symbol of originality, innovation and best quality. In our assortment you will find world famous products for George Dennis, brands BRAIN and C.T. (Canada). Since 2017, we have launched a new premium range of plectrums under the D-GriP ™ brand. These plectrums are molded into handmade special molds ...
Business office: - distribution of electricity, electricity.

Project Office. - design of land structures - engineering activity - green savings - processing of the building permit

Retail, sales, repair, service, bazaar: - musical instruments. Tuning pianos and pianos. Restoration of historical instruments.

Sale of ethnic clothing and accessories: - original bags, jewellery, musical instruments and ethnic clothing from Nepal, India, Indonesia and Thailand - handmade goods from natural materials.

E-shop - music bookstore - songbooks, sheet music.

The online store offers you a wide range of sheet music, especially sheet music for piano, guitar, flute and other musical instruments, songs, songbooks, lyrics, books and titles about music and other needs for all musicians, hobby groups and music schools. Music, musical material, sheet music for - piano, keyboard, organ - ...

Sales, retail: -musical instruments. Services: -sound system for cultural events.

Healing works of art: Intuitive paintings and music Sales of harmonizing musical instruments

Sale: - gramophone records - CD - equipment for disc jockeys.

Repair, service, renovation, tuning: - keyboard musical instruments - pianos, pianos, organs, harmonies, accordions Renovation: - antique furniture.

Manufacturer of non-traditional musical instruments - didgeridoo (wooden and telescopic), cajons, frame drums (shamanic, tunable finger and bodhranny), mouth harps, sounding stick - claves, berimbau. Repair of non-traditional musical instruments, vibroacoustic cradles, harmonization beds - replacement of skins on drums (jembe, dragon drums, ...