In a rich assortment of shoes to find walking, sports, fashion, social, winter, working, summer or other shoes, and from man-made and natural materials, such as natural and synthetic leather in various modifications, the textile fiber or vulcanized rubber.

TEMPEL MK s.r.o. Vyrobce industrialni, strojni lepenky
TEMPEL MK s.r.o. Otrokovice is a manufacturing company from the Czech Republic, which is a member state of the European Union. For more than 25 years, the company has been engaged in the production and supply of industrial, machine-made cardboard for various branches of industry - for the furniture, footwear, textile, and printing industries. The ...
Industrial Starter Czech s.r.o.
Industrial Starter Czech s.r.o. is a company selling personal protective equipment, Italian brands ISSA LINE, AKROBAT and INDUSTRIAL STARTER on the Czech market. We sell quality protective equipment, work clothes, work shoes and comfortable thermal underwear. Of course there is also the sale of head, eye and hearing protection products. We are ...
TIPABOTY s.r.o. Trebic Pracovni obuv
TIPABOTY Ltd., based in Trebic, is a manufacturer of working and health footwear. We produce women's and men's work shoes, safety shoes, medical shoes or shoes for gastronomic operations in various designs and colors. Our footwear designed for light and medium-heavy operations such as the food, textile, gastronomic and electrical industries, as ...
FLEXIKO CZ s.r.o. Cesky vyrobce flexi obuvi
The company FLEXIKO CZ s.r.o. specializes in the production of flexible footwear as a complete production cycle from development, patterning, handling, sewing and underwear workshops to the finished product. We produce walking and work footwear (certified by the Institute for Testing and Certification Zlín - ITC Zlín). In our assortment you will ...
Levstra, s.r.o.
Exclusive importer: - LEVI STRAUSS shoes (LEVIS) - LEVIS underwear - handbags, wallets, fashion accessories BENETTON, SISLEY
Zdravotni potreby Tilia - obuv HappyFoot APEX Systems, spol. s r.o.
Sales of medical supplies and medical underwear: - wigs, turbans, scarves and wig cosmetics. - bras and swimsuits with a cap - Breast replacements Epithesis - Legwood and Medistyle medical footwear and Bennon footwear - medical insoles for shoes and medical socks - orthoses and sleeves
MEDICAL NEEDS Hana Polesová in Nový Jičín focuses on the sale of medical supplies. You can choose from a wide range of medical footwear in oversized sizes, rehabilitation aids or bandages and orthoses. Always willingly and above all professionally advise you on the selection of products and recommend how to proceed in communication with health ...
4Heroes Sportovni a volnocasove funkcni odevy
We are a 4Heroes company from Hlučín, which sells sports clothing not only of Czech brands such as Moira, Litex, KEEN, Osprey, Rafiki, Hannah and Rituall. Everybody can choose from our clothes. We provide a wide range of outdoor and elegant leisure clothing such as blouses, polo shirts, dresses, or overalls. For lovers, camping, sports, ...
Blauer USA Store Zlin
Blauer fashionable functional clothing Seasonal fashion.
TRIOP Josef Javorsky
Production, wholesale, sale, production to order: -climbing shoes -climbing shoes, size 35.5 - 47 -climbing shoes, children's size 28-35 -climbing shoes, size to order 48 - 52 -shoes for drytooling with climbing irons, size 38 -47 -sports sandals -sandals for free time -sandals for aquatic sports -sandals for light ...
Wawel s.r.o. Velkoobchod obuvi Zlin
Wholesale, sale: -leather shoes: -women's and men's -social, walking -neary, summer and winter. Representation of brands ANIS, ARKA, AXEL, ESCOTT, GREGOR, GRODECKI, IGUANA, KOMODO, MAN FASHION, MATEOS, NAGABA, PAPILION, STELLA, TAPI, WASAK.
KOMET spol.s r.o. obuvnicke materialy
KOMET spol.s r.o. has a wide range of materials for cobblers and shoemakers. In our wholesale shop, you can buy more than ten types of heels, soles or bollards, plates, soles, orthopedic aids and a wide range of additional products. From these products, we are able to supply you with laces, insoles, creams, brushes or spoons. In addition to ...
Warmees spol. s r.o.
Sale: - heating tools: - warming scented slippers, pillows - sets - pillow with slippers -warming gloves.
Detska obuv Marie Dobiasova
Sale of children's certified medical footwear - purely Czech production Marie Dobiášová's children's shoe shop from Horní Libchava also offers certified medical footwear, including leather orthopedic insoles for healthy foot development. For your little ones, you can buy high-quality girls' and boys' all-year-round, summer and winter shoes ...
Obuv Romana
Romana Jelínková deals in the sale of footwear, branded clothing and leather haberdashery. Sale: - Women's shoes - man's shoes - children's footwear - William & Delvin clothing - leather haberdashery. You can find the store at Masarykovo náměstí 67, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem.
KARS, spol. s r.o.
We sell work shoes, medical shoes, walking shoes, as well as shoes for diabetics. We also specialize in shoes for the elderly. You can find us in Brno at Kolište 49. Work shoes - you can choose standard work shoes, which is suitable for daily use, but also work shoes with a high degree of protection. These shoes are made of quality material ...
The company NOVITEX FASHION a.s. specializes in the supply of complete solutions from the textile industry, especially in the supply of uniforms, uniforms and packages of professional clothing for both power units and corporate clients. We supply our customers with quality products from the following categories of uniform and contract fabrics, ...
Sale: - footwear - leather goods - socks - accessories - shoe creams, shoe insoles

Retail, wholesale, sales: - protective equipment - work gloves - outdoor and sports clothing and footwear - work, trekking and walking shoes - work clothes - protective glasses, helmets, respirators - welding equipment - washing, cleaning and cleaning products - tools and instruments - hygiene and disinfectants