The dummy, a sewing machine, cloth, fabric, or yardage. Without these and many other elements to tailor just cannot do. Shop with the professionals or use professional services in the field of production, sales or repairs garments of all kinds.

Bordado, s.r.o. - eshop
Production, e-shop - custom embroidery - embroidery with motifs.
Jan Maca Strojni vysivani Brno
Sewing and embroidery: - corporate gifts - wedding bibs - baptismal veils - patches - children's
Krejcovstvi Heligrova
Custom tailoring Sales of textile and textile haberdashery. We provide machine embroidery.
Our tailor shop performs all repairs and alterations to clothing. Our tailoring shop has high-quality technological equipment at its disposal. We repair and adjust clothing of all types and materials. Our employees have many years of experience.
Zakazkove krejcovstvi Kanova
Marie Kaňová runs a custom tailoring business in Prague. As part of its services, it offers tailoring of clothes to order, repairs of all textiles, furs and leather. At the location in Prague - Horní Měcholupy, customers can choose from approx. 1000 types of fabrics by the yardage and also from approx. 2000 pieces of fabric samples. The ...
Galanterie Anna Presova
The lady offers a wide range of haberdashery in her shop Anna Presova. Here customers can buy everything from textile haberdashery, fabric, thread, wool, buttons, ribbons, elastics, fabric by the meter, velcro and many other products. We also specialize in the custom production of women's clothing.
Galanterie U Svadlenky
Our haberdashery U švadlenky offers you a wide range of haberdashery goods, which you can buy either in a stone shop or through our e-shop. We are richly stocked with all textile haberdashery. You will find basic tools for manual and machine sewing with us and you will definitely be interested in our offer of knitting, crochet and embroidery ...
GRANDE s.r.o.
Transport, road transport, car service: -freight and personal. Transportation of buses. Domestic and international truck transport 100kg -6t Freight vehicles Renault MASTER- van, Renault MASTER refrigerator - 10x, Renault MIDLUM refrigerator - 2x, PICUP. Passenger transport, transportation. Vehicles: MAN LION STAR 49 + 1 seats - bus MAN ...
Textilni galanterie SIK Radka Kuncova
Textile haberdashery ŠIK offers fabrics, wool, threads, ribbons, buttons, zippers, embroidery, sewing machines and umbrellas. We also provide small tailoring services. We repair sewing machines and run a gift wrapping service. Retail, sales: - haberdashery - substances - waves - threads - ribbons - buttons - zippers - sewing ...
Chemicka cistirna a pradelna Ladvi Vyzehlena kosile Praha
Our laundry and dry cleaning service offers comprehensive laundry service including laundry and ironing. We will bring your laundry and take it when and where you choose! Just call us a moment in advance! Our priority is careful hand ironing of linen, men's shirts and bedding, bedding and table linen. Washing and dry cleaning:  - personal ...
Svatebni salon Veronica - Veronika Stastna
The wedding salon Veronica can be found in Zlín on Dlouhá street, just off the underpass. Brides prefer originality, that's why we offer tailor-made wedding dresses. We always have the latest collection of wedding dresses available for rent, as we add many new models every year, you have the option of buying designer wedding dresses from last ...
BELLIS - Stanislava Stokova
The company Stanislava Štoková from Uhříněves deals mainly with repairs and modifications of fabric and leather clothing, as well as the sale of hosiery, clothing and haberdashery.
Services: - minor repairs of clothing - bedding - feather cleaning - sewing bedding - financial advice

The Dream Dress wedding salon in Kroměříž will serve you both as a dress rental and as a dress shop, and we accept orders for tailoring dresses to order and according to photos. We have also been engaged in wedding planning for many years, offering professional wedding agency services not only in the Zlín region, but throughout the Czech ...

Production - hunting and hunting clothes, trousers, shirts, vests, sweatshirts, jackets, coats