Do you need help with shooting? Experts will help you get video clips, viral videos, TV commercials, advertising videos, instructional videos, documentaries, jingles and many more. Shearing, sound, recording and lighting technology is commonplace.

POLAS VIDEOSTUDIO Kameraman Praha, nataceni videa
Videostudio. Videos, video shows, spots, spots, virals, viral videos, instructional videos, documents, jingles, jingles, video for the web and social networks, all on a turnkey basis. Virtual studio, virtual environment, virtual world, online transmissions. Localization of videos into Czech and all other languages, dubbing, reanimation, ...
Kabelova televize Koprivnice, s.r.o. KTK, s.r.o.
Cable TV Kopřivnice, s.r.o. Services:  - operation of cable television  - television studio  - advertisement  - regional broadcasting  - Intelligence  - production of advertising films, video presentations, CDs, DVDs  - videotext television advertising  - broadcasting of urban news  - Computer animation, multimedia applications, ...
Company Tiskárna KATOS s.r.o. offers comprehensive services in the field of printing from graphic preparation to final bookbinding. We provide digital, offset and rotary printing. Our other activities include video recording and processing. You can find us in Přerov on Letecká street. Printer, services:  - DTP / CTP studio, graphic design, ...

Production, processing: -video recordings, video reports -weddings, balls -social and cultural events -sports event -promotional images -digital processing of video clips -DVD -sound, subtitles -computer editing -3D effects. Price relations are contractual and depend mainly on the complexity and processing time. Branch of ...

Services: - production of television programs and commercials - presentation videos of institutions and companies.

Activity: - production of audiovisual works and realization of internet transmissions.

Video studio: - film-video - photography - graphics - lyrics - seminars and courses

Photographic work Video services - filming - low cost duplication of CDs and DVDs - Converts videos to DCP format for digital cinemas DTP studio - scanning - graphic work - typography

Services: - production of television and radio advertising, shooting of documentaries, instructional films and presentations - production - production and organization of cultural and social events, company presentations and conferences.

The Framepic Productions brand is founded by two creatives who base their work on foreign experience. We offer creative thinking, modern and professional approach.

Services: - programmer, db specialist, software analyst - internet presentations, web applications - e-shops, online catalogs - advertising videos, company promo spots

Complete processing of wedding videos, reports from events, balls, private celebrations Advertising spots.

Recording studio: - creation of commercials, artistic editing of music, sound and moderation of live events

Shooting: - weddings - parties - graduation - music videos - presentation of municipalities - aerial records

Production, shooting: - video programs - multimedia presentations - video recordings, sound recordings Services: - print preparation

WESPE s.r.o. from Brno deals with video production. Performs shooting: - corporate, product video - medallions, recruitment matters

Computer services Advertising and marketing services Film or video production services Activities of business, organizational and economic consultants Purchase of goods for the purpose of its sale to the final consumer (retail) or other trade operators (wholesale)

Audiovisual, film and advertising production: - complete production and post-production service - we shoot films, TV spots, online spots, company presentation films, radio spots, compose music, take photos, create print visuals and draw.