Kameranam Praha, nataceni videa


Studio pro mediální trénink

Videos, video shows, spots, spots, virals, viral videos, instructional videos, documents, jingles, jingles, video for the web and social networks, all on a turnkey basis.

Virtual studio, virtual environment, virtual world, online transmissions.

Localization of videos into Czech and all other languages, dubbing, reanimation, text correction, text editing for image graphics.

Filming, screenplay, dramaturgy, direction, makeup artist, make-up, editing, keying, animation including classic, subtitles, dubbing, postproduction, 2D models, 3D models, video digitization, copying, copying AV media, multiplication.

Custom-made video recordings, for companies and private individuals, multi-camera shooting and broadcasts, gimbal, drone.
Presentation and public events, turnkey projects, supervision.

- audiovisual equipment
- keying studio
- Virtual Studio
- cutting rooms, editing workplaces
- cameras, microphones, lights, etc. (including with operator)
- videos, DVD players
- projection, projection room
- Technical projector
- dubbing studio
- sound studio.

Media training in TV and radio studio.
Training for the public and custom.

Free consultation and price studies.

Complete technical support
- presentation events
- special projects
- Hotel Info Channels
- Duplication of DVDs, CDs and other media

Transcoding - videotape transcripts, video archive organization:
- copying
- video digitization
- digitization of audio
- DVD transcripts
- NTSC-PAL-SECAM all combinations
- PC formats (AVI, MPEG, DVD etc.)
- cassette tapes and MGF CD cassettes
- CD records.

Special video services.
Web TV, web tv, webtv, internet TV, intranet channels, videowebs.
Online video broadcasts and virtual studios, video conferences.

- turnkey video programs
- video tutorials, e-learning
- audiovisual CD-ROM, DVD-ROM
- DVD including authoring
- low budget TV spots

- Full HD, Full HD, HD, HD, DV, DVcam
- DVD, Blu-ray
- VHS, S-VHS, Super VHS, VHSc, VIDEO 8, Hi-8, D8, Betamax

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