Financial companies offer financial products, such as non-bank loans, cheap loans, loans without collateral, no proof of income, no collateral, and no access to the registers. Quick loans suitable for employees, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners.

Corfin, s.r.o.
The company Corfin, s.r.o. is a financial and real estate company. We provide financial appreciation in the capital markets, we offer a product to all property owners when their own property can bring an annuity. We will provide you with a private pension. We will reduce your costs for electricity, gas and heat. We will provide you with ...
AKompas s.r.o. pujcka uver bez zastavy i z. v registru
AKompas Brno are non-cash and cash fast non-bank loan free of charge, without pledge and with a record in the register and after insolvency for employees, pensioners, entrepreneurs - self-employed - sole traders, s.r.o. Loans Brno - loans without a register, no guarantor, no collateral, no fees. Do not pay any fees or call! We have a non-cash ...
We are a unique financial company that provides seniors with help in times of financial difficulties. We launched a popular reverse or reverse mortgage product abroad on the Czech market under the name Real Estate Rent. Our Renta from real estate offers solutions for seniors who want to improve their income through their house or apartment.
Investicni a Stavebni s.r.o.
The company Investiční a Stavební s.r.o. provides consultations regarding the privatization of the housing fund, the establishment of a housing cooperative, the establishment of a community of owners, the purchase of an apartment for personal ownership. Services: - consulting during privatization - purchase and sale of apartments before ...
Sale, purchase: - investment gold and silver.

Our company Picador - Zahradní město, s.r.o. focuses on the construction of family houses and apartments. We also deal with residential development. We operate as a real estate agency. We also provide financial and mortgage services.

Services: - loan, loans, mortgages and loans -American mortgage - execution -Car insurance -solar power stations.

M.Sc. Jakub Křivánek focuses on intermediation of loans, mortgages, savings and life and non-life insurance.

High Corporation Invest a.s. focuses on investment activities and consulting.

BIA s.r.o. focuses on debt management and collection and on detective work and personal protection.

We specialize in non-bank loans and loans secured by real estate. Our loans are intended for clients who cannot apply for a bank loan. You can request up to 50% of the market price of the property! We do not offer leaseback, but a mortgage loan, like banks. This means that the owner of the property is the client until the full repayment of the ...

-Mediation of trade and services -Wholesale and retail trade -Pawn shop and retail sale of second-hand goods -Accommodation services Plumbing, heating

Robert Jurečka: - Hospitality activities - Operation of solariums

Ing. Dana Pokorná focuses on providing non-bank loans and financial advice.

Debt relief, resolution of foreclosures and consolidation.

Banking services in the field of retail, corporate and investment banking. Specialized services: - pension insurance - building savings - factoring - consumer loans and insurance ..

Your consultant s.r.o. focuses on financial planning, investments, mortgages, insurance of various risks and real estate.

Face Financial, s.r.o. focuses on providing financial services in cooperation with developers and real estate offices.

InvestInGold s.r.o. is an investment company that allows you to evaluate your finances by investing funds in investment gold.

PROINKASO SERVICE s.r.o. deals with debt collection and redemption.

Offer of loans, mortgage loans, building savings and real estate services, payment of foreclosures and debt relief.

LIMONY s. r. o. is a company dealing with financial products. They will provide you with real estate financing with a mortgage, allow you to save in investments or gold, and advise you on how to save for your pension. It also offers: - insurance products - Real estate activities. - legal advice - accounting and tax service - financial ...

Just Invest s.r.o. focuses on investment services related to mutual and trust funds, qualified investor funds and alternative investments.

ABLACHAN GROUP s.r.o. focuses on consulting and processing in the field of insolvency and debt relief.