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Stefanikova 51 (vchod Sumavska)
Brno 602 00

AKompas s.r.o.

AKompas Brno are non-cash and cash fast non-bank loan free of charge, without pledge and with a record in the register and after insolvency for employees, pensioners, entrepreneurs - self-employed - sole traders, s.r.o.
Loans Brno - loans without a register, no guarantor, no collateral, no fees.

Do not pay any fees or call!
We have a non-cash and cash quick non-bank loan for you.
Loans are also completely free of charge for clients with a registry entry.
You also have the option to use the loan and credit cash on hand as well as transfer to the bank account after the insolvency - after the insolvency, ie loans and credits for clients with properly terminated insolvency.

Loans and credits provided in cash and on account are without collateral and without a guarantor. They are designed for employees, pensioners and entrepreneurs, whom we call cheap loan - credit.
Furthermore, without income only on identity card (OP).

Certainly like to use beginning self-employed - self-employed, s.r.o., a.s. s ID min. 3 months. Loan up to 300 000 CZK for up to 5 years without pledge, without guarantor, without wife - husband.
This type of loan - employee, senior, business trade loan and loan is paid within 24 hours by bank transfer or immediately in cash in our office.

No hidden charges!
You can find out more about the loan and loan immediately when you call with a credit advisor or visit AKompas s.r.o. You can also use the business service instead of paying for calls. Just send your phone via email or SMS and we will call you immediately.
Other loan services:
- for most of our loans up to 3 months the possibility of interruption of repayment due to incapacity to work or loss of employment
-the condition of the loan is the residence, workplace or place of business in the South Moravian Region.

We are a Western Union affiliate of non-bank money transfers worldwide within 5 minutes - to some countries and US dollars (USD).

You will appreciate our non-bank international and domestic instant (within 5 minutes) money transfers via WESTERN UNION Monday - Friday to almost all countries in the form of cash deposits and withdrawals.
From AKompas s.r.o. Brno you can send crowns CZK or to some countries even US dollars USD. The recipient in the destination country is paid the currency of the sender's choice.
Western Union country-specific: usually local currency, US dollars or euros. Neither the recipient nor the sender needs a bank account for this service. It is very convenient that if the money paid in dollars is also to send dollars, you will not have any additional exchange costs at the current Western Union rate and for a lower fee. We recommend that you check in advance by phone to see if it is possible to send dollars to your chosen country. You need a valid ID card, passport, driving license and also the name of the recipient, the state where they are located to send cash. To receive cash, the recipient needs a valid ID (not always) and know the sender's name, country of dispatch, transfer number and payout amount.

Ticket sales:
-for online network - Ticketpro, Ticket Art, Ticketportal and Ticketstream sales point
-All tickets sold are valuables with security features that you can sell if necessary. We also offer international and domestic bus tickets of all carriers (not only AMSBUS sales point)

-shop e-shop hairdresser office eshop.

Cheap accommodation Brno centrum střed.
Rental of cheap non-residential premises in the center of Brno at tram stops 1 and 6. It is shops, wine shops, offices and workshops, studios and classrooms.
The individual shop or wine shop is from 5 000 CZK per month and the individual office, workshop or studio from 2 808 CZK per month.
Parking is free.

We also accept advertising in periodicals Inzert Expres and Metro.
More info on our website:

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Ticket offices, Advance sale of ticketsRental of residential and non-residential premisesComputing and office machineryFinancial companiesMortgages, loans and leasing

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AKompas s.r.o.
Stefanikova 51 (vchod Sumavska)
Brno 602 00
GPS: 49°12′45.65″ N, 16°36′4.07″ E

49°12′45.65″ N, 16°36′4.07″ E

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Stefanikova 51 (vchod Sumavska)
Brno 602 00
+420 732 744 679

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