Banks and non-bank companies offering financial products, such as mortgages, consumer loans, untied loans and financial or operational leases. Among the popular loans include the loans without collateral, no proof of income or without access to the registry.

Financni poradenstvi Prostejov Jakub a Martin Slajsovi
We are specialists in finance, mortgages, investments, real estate and insurance. We will help with the processing of a mortgage or consumer loan, with financial plans and sale of house, apartment and land. We operate in the areas of Prostejov, Olomouc, Vyskov, Prerov, Kromeriz, Brno city, Brno countryside, Blansko and Boskovice. We have been ...
Uverove Centrum s.r.o.
Credit center: - housing financing - consolidation and loans - reality - non-bank loans
AKompas s.r.o. pujcka uver bez zastavy i z. v registru
AKompas Brno are non-cash and cash fast non-bank loan free of charge, without pledge and with a record in the register and after insolvency for employees, pensioners, entrepreneurs - self-employed - sole traders, s.r.o. Loans Brno - loans without a register, no guarantor, no collateral, no fees. Do not pay any fees or call! We have a non-cash ...
Financial services: - housing loans - loans for apartment buildings - loans - insurance.
RT TORAX, s. r. o.
RT TORAX,Ltd. Ostrava. Leasing: -passenger cars, utility vehicles and lorries. Sale, service, repairing: -SKODA, VW-VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI cars. Mediation of car insurance and registration. Service station: -digital geometry - alignment of car axles symmetry -oil exchange - SHELL, ESSO, BP oils -car electronic system measuring ...
INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL BROKER -insurance brokerage -free representation of interests - interests of citizens, companies and state authorities in the field of insurance and financial services -consultant, agent and business manager (independence from insurance companies and financial institutions) -attendance - formalities connected with ...

Galfin has been on the market for 10 years. We never take fees - we do not use tricks such as expensive telephone lines, or we may arrange something for you, but pay in advance. here you will find a form to fill out the request. We are not anonymous. We are one of the significant intermediaries in the region and within the Czech ...

In our Credit Center in Hodonín we provide complete financial advice and real estate services. We will help you arrange mortgages, consolidation and loans. We will take care of the sale and purchase of real estate, including the preparation of an expert opinion and estimate and a secure law firm.

We provide complete financial advice and real estate services in our Credit Center. We will help you arrange mortgages, consolidation and loans. We will take care of the sale and purchase of real estate, including the preparation of an expert opinion and estimate and a secure law firm.

Mediation: - savings - loans - insurance.

Patria real Brno specializes in providing financial assistance in the form of loans and credits, debt settlement and payment of foreclosures. We have been providing a complete real estate service for the sale and purchase of real estate in Brno and South Moravia since 1993. We offer free and non-binding consultation with the solution of pledges ...

Non-bank loans, business and corporate loans, payment of auctions, foreclosures, unfavorable pledges - sale of companies in the USA, UK, Kong Kong and others, secure accounts, company administration - auctions for clients, cars, real estate for a fraction of the price - real estate services

Services: -quick loan up to 10,000.- -cash loan 50 000.- for pensioners and employees -loan with a mortgage of up to 50,000.-. We also deal with the consolidation of loans up to 350,000.-

Services: - mediation of building savings - provision of loans, loans.

Banking services in the field of retail, corporate and investment banking. Specialized services: - pension insurance - building savings - factoring - consumer loans and insurance ..

Sales Representative: - Českomoravská stavební spořitelna

Services: - insurance - mortgages, loans

Provides: -life and accident insurance -pension funds -car insurance -leasing -mortgages.