Arrange accident insurance, pension insurance, sickness insurance, accident insurance, elementary insurance, liability insurance, insurance against theft or damage liability. Insurance you will ensure a quieter life with no worries.

Financni poradenstvi Prostejov Jakub a Martin Slajsovi
We are specialists in finance, mortgages, investments, real estate and insurance. We will help with the processing of a mortgage or consumer loan, with financial plans and sale of house, apartment and land. We operate in the areas of Prostejov, Olomouc, Vyskov, Prerov, Kromeriz, Brno city, Brno countryside, Blansko and Boskovice. We have been ...
Financial services: - housing loans - loans for apartment buildings - loans - insurance.
Financni planovani Prostejov Jakub Slajs a Martin Slajs
We are OK POINT, financial and real estate consultants, part of the financial consulting company Broker Consulting. We help people to grow and become financially independent in order to meet or achieve personal and family goals. Our clients are people who want to have control over their family financial plans and want to have savings for children, ...
The main activity of DARO CAR, s.r.o. Zlín is a sale, replacement of windshields. We supply the best windshields in the Zlín region. We provide free windshield repairs through insurance, assembly, coding, cleaning, windshield repairs for cars, trucks or buses. We provide claims reporting, inspections of damaged vehicles and complete claims ...
Pojistovaci maklerstvi INPOL a.s.
Brokerage company - business risk insurance: -insurance broker, insurance agent -for entrepreneurs, companies, public administration, cities, towns, municipalities, regions -creation of insurance contracts, optimization, administration -settlement of claims -training of client's staff -VIP service for owners and management.
Petrik Brokers, a.s.
Insurance brokerage Petrik Brokers, a.s. provides its clients with comprehensive insurance protection services and flexible settlement of claims settlement. We cooperate closely with all major insurance companies on the market, where we are able to negotiate the most advantageous insurance according to the client's requirements and needs. You can ...
Majetkove a odpovednostni pojisteni Prostejov Jakub Slajs a Martin Slajs
We are a company where we effectively interconnect financial, real estate and banking services and take care of the security of your family. We will arrange for you tailor-made life insurance, as well as accident, liability, accident, household and liability insurance. We operate in the areas of Prostejov, Prerov, Olomouc, Vyskov, Kromeriz, Brno, ...
Brokerage insurance company.

We are an independent insurance brokerage company that will provide you with all comprehensive insurance services. We are in market since 2001 and we are a member of the largest domestic grouping of insurance brokers RENOMIA NETWORK. Our main activity is mediation, administration and continuous supervision of clients' insurance, optimization of ...

Mediation: - savings - loans - insurance.

Economic and financial advice - mortgage and credit advice Insurance - providing insurance Marketing - consulting, marketing Organizational consulting - consulting, crisis management companies

Activity: - sales representative of Allianz insurance company

Independent insurance intermediary: - car insurance - property insurance - professional indemnity insurance - travel insurance - private health insurance - life and accident insurance - insurance of non-standard risks.

Services: - insurance - mortgages, loans

Insurance and financial services: - car insurance - real estate insurance - building savings - pension insurance - accident insurance - compulsory liability with natural and accident insurance, including damage to game.

Comprehensive services for the Catholic Church and for believers: - telephones - energy - insurance - education - ESET

Provides: -life and accident insurance -pension funds -car insurance -leasing -mortgages.

Services: -building savings -mortgage loans -pension insurance -Life Insurance -tax reliefs, etc.

Second-hand shop, complete services -sale of vehicles, cars, cars, cars -purchase of cars for cash and consideration -leasing -consignment sale. -interesting loan without a guarantor, zero down payment -leasing or credit within ten minutes -compulsory motor vehicle liability - accident insurance of motor vehicles Purchase, ...

Sales Representative: - Českomoravská stavební spořitelna

The company deals with comprehensive management of corporate insurance and claims settlement. We prepare customized insurance products, based on an audit of existing insurance contracts and business risk requirements. You will get not only quality insurance, but also quality services in corporate insurance and claims settlement. Each insurance ...

EUFINANCE, s.r.o. is engaged in comprehensive services in the sale and rental of real estate, houses, apartments, land and commercial buildings. Our other activities are financial services focused on mortgage loans, all types of insurance and investment products. We have our headquarters in Kralupy nad Vltavou, our branches can be found in ...