The forensic expert will help you with the valuation and estimates of real estate, with expert opinions, establishing a common, general, or market prices, will provide you with assistance in resolving probate, substantive burden, when examining the defects, faults and damages, or when the solution of the succession.

Kominy - Krby s.r.o. Lubos Czyz
Company Chimneys - Fireplaces s.r.o. based in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, specializes in the supply and installation of fireplace stoves and chimneys, their drilling, lining, inspection, inspection, construction and comprehensive solutions of flue ways. We also prepare expert opinions throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics and offer chimney and ...
AVAPO - realitni kancelar s.r.o. Opavska realitka
AVAPO - real estate agency s.r.o. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, he will always assist you in buying, selling or renting a property, apartment or house. It will also provide you with the necessary legal services, including an inheritance review, or assist you in dealing with the bank and authorities. We are a ...
NV Engineering s.r.o. Stavebne technicky pruzkum Praha
We provide comprehensive support activities in the construction industry - civil engineering, building diagnostics, building technical surveys, static assessments, construction supervision, project management, property valuation and expert opinions. Engineering activities in capital construction: - pre-project activity - communication with ...
Realitni kancelar REALIT Ing. Leo Zubek
Real estate agents. Purchase, sale, charge, mediation: - real estates, lands, flats, huts, cottages, industrial buildings - housing and utility rooms. Authorised expert: - appraisal of real estates. Consultancy: - real estates. Engineering activity. Supervision.
Ing. Tomas Hurta - Ocenovani nemovitosti
Ing. Tomáš Hurta is a specialist in real estate, property and business valuation. In the field of property valuation, we offer comprehensive services including estimates of movable or immovable assets, intangible assets or valuation of financial assets. We prepare expert opinions and estimates for natural and legal persons and state ...
Ing. Milan Indra - Odhadce nemovitosti
Ing. Milan Indra focuses on estimates and valuation of assets. I offer elaboration of expert opinions in the transfer of real estate, property settlement, deposit in accounting or inheritance proceedings. I also provide services related to determining the value of real estate eg in inheritance and divorce proceedings. You can find our office at ...
Bc. Marie Miklasova
Bc. Marie Miklasová is a member of the Chamber of Tax Advisers with ev. No. 2666 and provides professional services in the field of accounting and tax records. I am also a forensic expert registered with OS Brno and at the same time a certified accountant with more than 30 years of experience. I lead and manage the team of the accounting office ...
GLOPERA spol. s r.o.
The company GLOPERA spol. s r.o. deals with the preparation of security studies, the activities of forensic experts in the field of camera and security systems, technical and economic, design and assessment of large-scale camera systems, research and development in the field of rolling stock, assembly of door security systems, assembly and ...
ENVI-AQUA, s.r.o.
The company ENVI-AQUA, s.r.o. focuses on engineering and consultancy in the field of ecology, hydrogeology and water management. We will provide a comprehensive solution to the problem from prevention, control to implementation of measures. You can find our office in Brno on Blatného street. Our services:  - hydrogeological, geological ...
Services: - design, design of steel structure, civil, engineering and industrial buildings - expert and static assessments, steel structures, civil, engineering and industrial buildings

Insolvency administrator and liquidator Services: - expert opinions and expert estimates in the areas of: - valuation of the company, intangible assets, receivables, securities, devices, machines, technological units, mergers, real estate.

Valuation - enterprises - movable and immovable property - intangible assets and property rights - receivables and payables - values of shares and securities

The Institute of Experts prepares expert opinions and expert opinions in the field of economics. We provide valuation of real estate and businesses, we value your property. We will also value receivables, securities, and we will also value property rights.

Expert witness: - valuation of vehicles, machines, movables and analysis traffic accidents.

Expert opinions - estimates - fields of economics and engineering

Services: - valuation of property for - real estate - risk assessors, inheritance proceedings, forensic expert opinions

Static assessments in the field of small statics, such as structural failure, partial building modifications, reconstruction of the housing core, etc.

Estimates of land, commercial and residential buildings. Purchase, design, repair of real estate. Real estate management. Rental of office and residential space.

Services: - real estate valuation - on the real estate acquisition side, we represent buyers in all phases of the process - consulting

Services: - real estate appraisals - valuation of construction works - engineering activity - providing project documentation