Well manufactured veneer, one layer of plywood and also the corks are the basic building material, plywood packaging, cork flooring or veneered furniture for the home. The products are characterized by strength, eco-friendliness and long service life.

DUET CZ, s.r.o.
Wholesale, sale: -sit, office and home furniture -chairs, armchairs -meeting and conference chairs and armchairs -technical chairs -accessories, armrests -racks/ stands -wooden chairs and tables. Wholesale, sale: -metal-laminates HOMAPAL. www.homapal.cz
Parket koncept s.r.o.
The company DECOSPAN, Ltd. has been founded by the Belgian company DECOSPAN N.V. as a direct importer of wooden, veneer, laminate floors of selected brands, parquets and accessories and their distribution within the whole Czech Republic. We also offer veneered boards of our home company of all types and formats with a possibility of trimming, ...
Exclusive representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Production, wholesale, sale: -LETRON (edges, coating and backed foils, ornamental paper) -HERBERTS (furniture varnishes) -HENKEL DORUS (joiner's adhesives) -PAUL HANSWILLEMENKE (counterextension foil) -REHAU (termoplastic tapes, edges).