Proper nail care includes a regular manicure and pedicure. You can use a classic manicure, French manicure, nail shaping gel method or simply rhinestones decoration, painting or decals. Pedicure is the most commonly dry, wet or combined.

5R Studio
5R Cosmetic Studio in Brno will provide cosmetic services not only for women but also for men. We specialize mainly in cosmetic and aesthetic services. We provide wrinkle and lip fillings using botulinum toxin, provide 3D face modeling, massage your skin, do a manicure, pedicure and after that you can tan in our solarium. We also provide ...
Nehty Truscada Plzen
The company Nehty Truscada - Lenka Olejníčková offers its customers in Pilsen modeling of gel and acrylic nails and gellak application. I work exclusively with certified material and products of the highest quality that meet the criteria of EU standards. Everything is adapted to the perfect transformation for your hands and nails - everything for ...
Services: - painless liposuction - radio frequency, wraps - cosmetics, pedicure - algae, solarium - nail modeling - skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatment - Massages

Health and Beauty Center: - cosmetic services - hairdressing - massages - lymphatic - vacupress, vacustyler - wellness programs - solarium - fitness, Fatmagic - vibrating platforms - pedicure, manicure. Representation, distribution, sales: - cosmetic medicines - natural products for health.

Medical center Bor provides health care in a wide range of outpatient health services. We also run a dermatology center and body care department where we offer massages, cosmetics, pedicures and manicures. Health care is complemented by home care and nursing services. You can find us in Bor on Primimska Street. Poliklinika:  - general ...

I offer the services of instrumental pedicure, podiatry (ingrown nails) and Ortonyxia (nail braces against ingrowth). My services also include mobile pedicure, which can be performed even during a covid pandemic and emergency.

Services: - cosmetic - Ayurvedic cosmetics (Aryanveda) - medical pedicure

Cosmetic services: - makeup - non-invasive mesotherapy. Pedicure, manicure and nail modeling. Permanent makeup. Gluing eyelashes Depilation with wax and sugar paste

Services: - manicure, nail modeling.

Nail studio. Services: - comprehensive care for hands and nails - hand massages - French manicure - nail modeling - acrylic, gel, porcelain or permanent - lengthening or strengthening of nails - nail decoration - addition or removal of modeling.

Services: - hairdressing - cosmetics - manicure, pedicure - solarium.