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  • back massages, foot and body massage, exotic massages, reflex and health massages, offer of massage oils, massage aids

  • hair colouring, hair extension, ladies hairdressing, gentlemen hairdressing, hair washing, permanent waves

  • massage services, rehabilitation services, physiotherapy services, care of locomotor system, rehabilitation after injuries, massage aids

  • cosmetic services, beauty parlours, skin care, decorative cosmetics products, skin care creams, facial massages

  • wellness centre, healthy tan, collagen tubes, skin tanning, tanning studios

  • fitness centre, exercise machines, fitness equipment, physical condition, stretching muscles, treadmills

Studio Aesthetics operated in Zlín by Emineo H&H, s.r.o. offers clients a wide range of services related to skin and body care, with the aim of shaping, body shaping - vibrosauna, vibrogym, rolletic, lymphatic drainage, collagen, body shaping, solarium.

We strive for an individual approach with respect to the client's health and physical condition, offering a pleasant and discreet environment in the center of Zlín.

Forming, shaping, figures:
 - rolletic
 - vibrogym
 - vibrosauna
 - collagen
 - body analysis in body
 - Vacuum and infra bodyspace exercises
 - Vacuum wheel
 - painless non-invasive liposuction
 - vacuum pulsation (removal of cellulite)
 - vertical solarium
 - horizontal solarium.

Our services:
 - cosmetic services
 - cleaning the skin with an ultrasonic spatula
 - rejuvenating the skin with the radiofrequency R4
 - massage
 - lymphatic drainage.

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InBody Body Analysis:
 - Provides information about muscle and fat distribution, determines the percentage of water in your body and what your metabolic efficiency is
 - based on the height and weight of the person, the device calculates BMI Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage PBF, Hips / Waist Volume Ratio WHR, and determines BMR
 - according to the resulting values we will design a workout plan.

 - Exercise on a massage machine helps to eliminate or alleviate cellulite, reduce the volume of massaged parts, help strengthen muscles and tighten the skin, relax muscles and awaken the lymphatic system.

 - intense strengthening based on the principle of effective 3D + vibrations that cause reflex muscle contraction
 - up to 3 times more efficient than conventional fitness machines, great results with just 5 minutes of exercise
 - effective for cellulite, weight reduction and body shaping, muscle and joint stiffness and stiffness
 - increases the production of growth hormone
 - the whole body can be practiced.

Vibrosauna, vibrosauning:
 - very effective weight loss product with fast detoxifying effect due to accelerated blood circulation
 - works in sleep disorders, reduces tension and stress
 - functional therapy for people suffering from arthritic and rheumatic pain
 - has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure
 - helps to relax muscle tension and acts to strengthen muscles
 - the combination of vibration and heat increases the activity of the kidneys, which break down lactic acid and toxins from the body much faster and more efficiently.

Vacu, Infra BodySpace:
 - 30-min. Vacuum training on the Kettler treadmill, a combination of infrared vacuum vacuum helps to warm up muscles and increase blood circulation, speeding up metabolism.
 - Vacu round-new.

Instrumental lymphatic drainage:
 - device Ballancer Pro - very effective lymphatic massage based on pressure therapy, applicators allow complete massage including instep, groin area and abdomen.
 - Bodyka Plus - Vacuum Vacuum massage with special ball heads, which releases the skin, breaks down deeply stored fat on the thighs or buttocks, helps to smooth cellulite and alleviates swelling at the feet.

 - collagen solarium helps to reduce wrinkles in the face and décolletage - during cosmetic light therapy, collagen formation is activated.

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