The language barrier is through translation and interpretation overcomed. Translation services provide translations, direct translations, technical translations, legal translations or certified translations. Interpretation can be simultaneous, consecutive or escort.

PRIMA LINGUA s.r.o. Jazykove kurzy, preklady, tlumoceni
Language school Prima lingua s.r.o. is the best choice if you want to learn a new language or improve your language skills. In our agency, we provide language teaching, interpretation and court translations. We are specialists in interpreting and translating technical English. We also organize experience courses. We organize language courses for ...
The company IMPEX TB s.r.o. is a specialist in the sale and distribution of precision welded pipes and profiles of steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. We deliver the material throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. As part of our services, we offer material storage in our warehouse and deliveries directly to customers according to their ...

Translations and interpreting - German

Language school: - courses for the public - teaching children - individual tuition - professional courses - preparation for exams - translation service - interpreting service - teaching online - study stays.

Services. Bookkeeping: - establishment of limited liability companies with registration in the commercial register - management of single and double-entry bookkeeping and payroll for Czech companies, for Austrian companies and small entrepreneurs in cooperation with Austrian tax advisors in Czech and German analysis -economic analyzes in Czech ...

Foxyenglish language school. English and German courses and lessons, interpretation and translation.

Interpreting and court translations from German and vice versa.

Translation and interpreting activities for the German language. Translations with court verification.

Activity: - court interpretation - translations: - German language, German.

-Translation and interpreting activities -Primary education and training, organizing courses, training, including teaching activities

-Translation and interpretation activities - Extracurricular education and training, organization of courses, training, including lecturing activities

Our services: - translations - interpreting - language school

Translation, interpreting: -English.

Language school, language courses. Translations, interpretation.

interpreting, translations, teaching, interpreter English, Spanish -language courses, language service -interpreting English, Spanish -translations - language teaching for companies -language lessons for individuals - individual plan -tutoring in English, Spanish -judicial verification.

Language courses - individual, group language courses for children - language teaching: English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish - post-secondary studies - corporate education - translations and interpreting - international examinations.

Consulting and advisory services for natural and legal persons operating in Austria. Services provided to natural persons: - consultation and assistance in handling child allowances (Familienbeihilfe) - consultation and assistance in arranging parental allowance (Kinderbetreuungsgeld), - consultation and assistance in completing tax ...

Services - individual teaching of English in small groups, company teaching - translations from English into Czech and from Czech into English.