Become a member of a sports club and get the opportunity to play sports at discounted prices and participate in matches and other events. Sports clubs football, floorball, tennis, badminton or volleyball are available for your playground and other sports facilities.

TEPVOS,  spol. s r.o. Vodohospodarske, komunalni sluzby
The TEPVOS city company manages services for citizens and visitors of the city in these areas. Recreation services, Municipal services, Water services and Energy services. The aim of the Recreational Services section is to manage the city's recreational and sports facilities. Year-round, regular and quality provision of recreational and sports ...
Sportovni hala Datart (drive Euronics) NOVESTA SPORT, spol. s r.o.
SPORT HALL DATART is a multipurpose hall whose premises you can use for various sports activities, or as a concert hall and exhibitions or velety. In the building of the sports hall is located fitness center, massage, sauna, rehabilitation, nail, hairdressing and beauty studio and restaurant. Seat of sports clubs: VSC FATRA ZLIN HC ...
TEZA Hodonin, prispevkova organizace
The company TEZA Hodonín, a contributory organization, is the operator of sports and physical education facilities in the city of Hodonín. We manage a sports hall, winter stadium, outdoor playground and sports complex. Our sports ground is used for regeneration, reconditioning and leisure time. Multipurpose sports hall: - Lipová alley 4110/23, ...
Sluzby Mesta Veseli nad Moravou
The contributory organization Services of the City of Veselí nad Moravou manages public greenery, local and special-purpose roads including bridges and parking lots, public spaces, urban furniture, traffic and orientation signs, public and festive lighting, playgrounds, sports grounds, castle park, funeral halls and city cemeteries, swimming pool, ...
Telocvicna jednota Sokol Benesov
The Sokol Benešov gym unit is part of the nationwide Sokol association, which brings sports for everyone, regardless of age and income. It develops the physical fitness of its members and others. He considers exercise to be part of a healthy lifestyle. The falcon is patriotic in the best sense of the word. It leads its members to love their ...
Physical education unit: - fitness exercises and aerobics - floorball - zumba - volleyball - tourism - football - Ice Hockey - chess - skiing.

Tennis club: - tennis court - multipurpose hall.

Sports club: - athletics - gymnastics - karate - sports preparation - trampolines.

Equestrian club: - horse stables - horse training - training of riders on horseback - carriage rides - rental of carriages and carriages.

TJ Sokol: - volleyball - football - exercises for preschool children

Physical education unit: - cavalry section

Physical education unit: - Football Club

Tennis club: - tennis school - badminton school. Rocket weaving.

The Sokol Králův Dvůr Gymnasium was founded in 1911 and is organizationally incorporated into the Jungmann County in the Czech Sokol Community. Those interested in sports and physical activities can develop their skills in volleyball, football, cycling, basketball, football, tennis and many others. We are happy to welcome those interested in ...