Transport of persons by passenger trains, express trains, express trains or express, is provided by the railway companies. Take advantage of the for your national and international transport of a dense railway network. Tickets can be purchase at the stations or online with the carrier.

Valenta Rail s.r.o. Zazitkove vlaky na objednavku
Railway carrier - event agency, train rental. We organize company events, birthday parties and other events in experience trains. We provide special train rides on a turnkey basis, including catering services. We organize excursion train rides for the public. We provide rail freight transport for national railways, regional railways and company ...
Transport: -personal bus -freight -Freight forwarding. Work: -ground -demolition. Sale: -fuels. Coal warehouse. Business activity. 516 474 100 trucking sale of fuels 516 475 295 516 477 207 Velke Opatovice 218

Railway station, transport: - train -personal -freight.

Railway station, transport: - train -personal -freight.

Railway station - train station transportation -personal -freight

railway station - train station transport -personal -freight

Railway station - train station. Transport: - personal - cargo.

Railway activity: -operation-territory of the Czech Republic: -trail track -rail transport. Transport: -complete trains-own locomotives: -the whole railway network of ČD, s.o. Help: -technical, legislative-other railway operators. Provision of a separate locomotive. Processing: -project documentation -legislation and ...

Branch. Sale: - bus tickets. -air tickets. Mediation: -language stays. -working stays abroad.

Organizer of public transport in the Pilsen Region and Integrated Transport of the Pilsen Region.

Railway station, transport: - train -personal -freight.

Production center: -sale oil spare parts (freight cars, tractors) oils lubricants -purchase, sale agricultural commodities corn -agricultural production vegetable animal -transport Liaz Avia -repairs, service Agriculture machinery trucks. Mass production center: -sale meat products ...

Services: - rental, service, repair and sale of new and used cars - rail transport and forwarding - freight railway and platform wagons - transport of containers - motor cars - complete transport projects

Services in the field of railway transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: - rental of motor locomotives series 703, 72, 730 - trains to order for a wedding, corporate event, for schools and kindergartens - organization of turnkey excursion trains. Repair, maintenance: - locomotives. Railway transport consultancy.

We are a young railway carrier that brings a new concept of travel to the Central European region, on board state-of-the-art trains from the Swiss company Stadler.

Services: - rail freight and passenger transport - operation of sidings

International shipping. Services: - international transport of heavy and oversized pieces - special transport of investment units - maritime - by air - truck - road - railway - combined transport of projects, including customs clearance - customs clearance - overseas collection service.

Services - provision of low-cost services in regional passenger rail transport - operation of tracks and sidings. Traffic management: - U Bechyňské dráhy 755/4, Tábor.

Railway transport operation on line Sumperk - Petrov nad Desnou - (Sobotin) - Kouty nad Desnou.

railway station - train station: transportation -personal -freight -sale of public transport tickets* in Brno

railway station - train station transportation -personal -freight

railway station - train station transportation -personal -freight

Railway station - train station. transportation -personal -freight