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www.edb.cz - Databáze českých firem.

European Databank:
- the company with a comprehensive offer of presentation and information services for subjects of business and the public as well.

Four pillars of presentation and marketing services of the European Databank:
The 1st Pillar - Telephone services - Call 14 000
- Provision of information about companies, services, products through telephone service of the "Call 14000" call centre, only at a local call price
- The first Call centre available through Skype service
- You get information by phone, SMS, e-mail immediately.

The 2nd Pillar - Internet services
- On-line information about clients of the European Databank on the Internet website www.edb.cz, including graphical information about a firm - company logo, images, prospectuses, videos and banners
- Creation of an effective company profile, including graphics, a map, a route planner, PR articles, videos, direct links on the company website
- Publication of a company offer on the Internet, sales promotion of products and services of the company
- Professional creation and displaying of company PR article on the portal with high number od visitors
- Provision of banner and PPC advertising, the company pays only for realized company website access, bespoke campaign creation
- Creation of a modern and high-quality "made-to-measure website" for a company, exactly according to its requirements and ideas

The 3rd Pillar - Foreign services - www.edb.eu
- Creation of a company profile in English and German language
- Guarantee of number of visitors from abroad to a company profile
- Enter an offer in English and German language is possible
- PPC advertising abroad, provision of a campaign in a selected country anywhere in the world

The 4th Pillar - Marketing services
- Sending of e-mail recapitulations on telephone calls
- Sending of SMS
- Voice demand entering
- Sending of marketing information, lists about domestic firms under the field of their activity and as required
- Provision of company profiles (background researches) from the Czech Republic and abroad
- Collection of data about subjects of business, their processing and daily updating
- Data downloading directly to a client's computer
- Delivery of client's request to selected companies
- We provide enetring of demands - an easy way to get a supplier
- We provide sending of demands and public contracts from the field of company business to the e-mail address
- Publication of business opportunities from the Czech Republic and from all the world



Czech Companies:    

Advertising agencies


Information services, call centres


Marketing services




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