Nastrojarna Opava

ISOTRA a.s. - Tool shop from Opava deals with production of parts for bending, shearing tools - shears and benders. We also produce dies for forges, molds, including their parts and frames. We develop and manufacture single-purpose machines for profiling blinds. We specialize in water jet cutting.

We have a state-of-the-art tool shop where we produce:

- parts for bending and shearing tools
- shearing and pressing tools
- shears and benders
- injection molds for plastics, including repairs
- parts for injection molds as well as their inserts and frames
- single-purpose shears
- forging tools, including dies, forging inserts and cuts
- special preparations and gauges
- rolling mills for thin-walled sections
- rotary parts for rolling profiling lines

We also do cannon drilling on horizontal boring machines and now specialize in waterjet cutting, which allows us to accurately cut material and other benefits such as:

- grinding and cutting of material with pure pressurized water
- the possibility of cutting materials such as steel of all grades, hardened steel, titanium, glass, stone, tiles, paving
- the material to be cut is not thermally affected
- there are no micro-cracks
- very little waste
- cutting accuracy is very high and accurate

We are constantly developing and looking for new technical solutions. We are also interested in the issue of solar radiation technology and its impact on energy efficiency.

ISOTRA a.s. disposes of:

- own development department
- design office
- modern tool shop
- thermoplastic pressing plant
- large-scale production operations.

We own two world and six national patents and seventeen utility models for technical solutions in the field of shading technology.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of shading technology and technology leaders not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world thanks to our technology, developed procedures, research and development in this field.

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Bilovecka 2411/1
Opava 746 01
+420 553 685 415

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