Company Best Ostrava s.r.o. with a branch in Teplice has been specializing in wood protection and impregnation of wooden structures for a long time.
Our company is also engaged in the wood and masonry protection center as well as pressure wood impregnation, which provides the most reliable protection of wood against mold, rot, wood decaying fungi, pest propagation or weather conditions. We deal with the roof infested by woodworm.
For impregnation we recommend and use Bochemit and Karbolineum products, which you can find at our eshop.

We do preventive wood pressure impregnation.

The impregnation is suitable for all wood products such as:
-wooden houses construction
- indoor and outdoor furniture
- doors and doorframes
-terases, pergolas
-palisades and stakes.

Impregnation is suitable for any wooden construction.

Our company BEST OSTRAVA impregnates roof trusses and timber structures in the whole Moravian-Silesian and Usti regions - Teplice, Usti nad Labem, Litomerice.

Impregnation serves as a protection of wood, which protects against moisture and pests, thus significantly affecting its life.

Do not underestimate the prevention of wood attack by biotic pests.
Attacking the roof with woodworm or longhorn beetle is not an isolated case. With the right prevention you avoid unnecessary inconveniences and save time and especially money.
Care for wood should not be underestimated and it is necessary to think about it not only before placing wooden elements in buildings or gardens, but also in the long term preventive checks and interventions. When working with wood, prevention always pays off.

The specialized approach and long-term experience of our staff will ensure wood protection on a professional level. As part of our services, we will provide you with a professional examination and consultation, including a proposal for a solution and subsequent work at affordable prices.

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