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The village of Dolní Lhota is located 6 km from the town of Luhačovice in the Horní Olšava valley at the foot of the protected landscape area of the White Carpathians in the Zlín region. Currently, approx. 654 inhabitants.

Dolní Lhota has always been an agricultural village without a large share of industry. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1449.

In the village there is a public water and gas pipeline, sewerage system, post office, elementary school for the first grade, public library, cultural center, gymnasium and two multi-purpose playgrounds.

The Tennis Section, the Recreational Sports Section, the Soccer Section, the Hunting Association, the Czech Association of Breeders, the Lhoťanka Ensemble and the Volunteer Fire Brigade are developing their activities here.

Landmarks of the village:
- A country house with a mill - after a snow disaster, the roof collapsed, the house was then demolished by the owner, and the property is now a parking lot for a car service
- Cross and monument to the fallen from World War I
- Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - construction of the church began in 2006, consecrated in 2014.

Tips for trips:
- Malenovice Castle
- Vizovice Castle
- Ruin of Lukov Castle
- Doubrava lookout tower
- Královec observation tower (Finiš)
- Ski area Újezd u Valašské Klobouk
- Luhačovice Reservoir
- Bojkovice Reservoir
- ZOO Zlín
and many others.

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