HERBA LENA group s.r.o.

Plesovec 86, Chropyne 768 11
HERBA LENA group s.r.o. manufactures and sells various herbal products in the e-shop:

- syrups (grepito), creams, ointments, roasted teas, egg cognac pesto
- candied peel of oranges, rowans, jams and more.

  • bulk teas, tea sachets, curative and herb teas, coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee
  • cold drinks, hot drinks, coffees and teas, lemonades, syrups, tonic drinks, milk drinks, water and mineral water
  • hairdressing utensils, hair preparations, drugstore goods, cleaners and detergents, cosmetic products
  • food industry, chilled and frozen foods, ready meals, instant products, fast food

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