ARVITA P spol. s r.o.

ARVITA P spol. s r.o. is a design and consultancy office active in the field of design, protection and creation of landscape. We prepare expert opinions for land consolidation, land reclamation and prepare projects in the framework of planting greenery, orchards and other vegetation and projects for landscape regeneration.

Designing, projection, designs:
 -generals, studies, plans and projects for the landscape
 -protection of land against water and wind erosion
 - implementation projects of planting landscape greenery, small water areas, TSES elements, integration of buildings into the landscape, revitalization projects
 - landscaping
 -realization projects of TSES elements incl. managementu
 - reclamation of areas affected by mining
 -pasports and generels of green
 - re-cultivation of ZPF and PUPFL
 -projection of orchard and vegetation modifications
 -planting and renewal of orchards.

Processing, development, assessment:
 - expert opinions, expert opinions, studies and documentation according to Act No. 17/1992 Coll. on the environment, Act No. 114/92 Coll. on Nature and Landscape Protection and Act No. 334/1992 Coll. on the protection of ZPF
 -subsidies EIA in the field of nature and landscape protection
 -ecological functions, ecology
 -management of specially protected areas and TSES elements.

 -complete documentation for the removal of land from the ZPF (balance of topsoil overburden, calculation of levies, evaluation of the construction impacts according to Decree No. 13/94 Coll.)
 -back reclamation of temporary occupations
 - supporting documents for the application for felling of greenery, including proposals for replacement plantings
 -biological mapping and evaluation.

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