Pension Jordan
Ubytovani a vinny sklipek na Morave

Family style accommodation, closest to the Palace Park:
-boarding house - altogether 55 people
-16x double room with a shower and toilet with possible extra bed, one room of them is adapted for wheelchairs
-3x room with three-beds
-2x4, 1x5 suite.
Cosy sitting:
-wine cellar for guests
-tasting of our own wine
-fish and meat grilling.
Space for parking.
Bicycle hire for guests.
(Nature biking trails that lead from Retz in Austria right to Prague. Especially the nature trail round the wine cellars is interesting.)
Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (UNESCO), greenhouse, Minaret, aquarium MALAVI, Janohrad, boat trips.
Historic monuments from the time of Liechtenstein.
Only 5 minutes walk to one of the most beautiful castles, stately home Lednice. Exhibitions and cultural events.
Grand experience in this exceptional natural landscape are guaranteed by many protected areas with unique flora and fauna, historical monuments, historical sights. Hiking, biking, spa Lednice, ponds, Breclav swimming pool, spa Laa about 40 km.


Ubytovani Lednice

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Pension Jordan


Malinovskeho 55
Lednice na Morave 691 44
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