Sale of white and red wine in the wine cellars and wine taverns, where it is possible to purchase a bottle of wine, quality wines, attributive wines, vintage wines or other exclusive packs. Choose from wines semi-sweet, semi-dry or wines dry.

Zamecky hotel Lednice
The Castle Hotel Lednice is located in the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union. Castle Hotel Lednice is part of the chateau complex and Chateau Lednice. At the Castle Hotel Lednice is also a restaurant with an outdoor garden, a confectionery, a congress hall and a chateau cellar. The Lednice-Valtice area is directly created for a ...
Pension Jordan Ubytovani a vinny sklipek na Morave
Family style accommodation, closest to the Palace Park: -boarding house - altogether 55 people -16x double room with a shower and toilet with possible extra bed, one room of them is adapted for wheelchairs -3x room with three-beds -2x4, 1x5 suite. Cosy sitting: -garden -wine cellar for guests -tasting of our own wine -fish and meat ...
Slovacky vinny sklep u HOLUBKU
Production, sale: - wine in wood - possibility of gathering in wine cellar, celebrating birthdays, parties, firm actions, live music, dulcimer music etc.