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In our winery in Hustopeče we produce and sell Moravian white and red wine. Our winery also includes a wine cellar, where we organize tastings. We also run an e-shop where you can buy our wines. We also have wine gift packages for sale.

In our family winery we use the most modern technologies for wine production. The whole process begins with gentle stalking of grapes, gentle pneumatic pressing to obtain the highest quality juice without negative substances from grains and skins, followed by controlled fermentation preserving the exceptional aroma of wines and finally maturation and subsequent storage of wines in a protective atmosphere. We sell a wide range of white and red Moravian wines - we do not miss, for example, Sauvignon, Riesling Italian and Rhine, Moravian Nutmeg, Pálava, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Frankovka, Veltín Green and more. You can also buy wines from our production on our e-shop. We also have gift packages of wines from our cellar for sale.

As for the tasting, it is led by our experienced cellar master Ing. Jiří Kukla. Part of the tasting is to get acquainted with viticulture, its history and production technology. During it, participants taste 10 samples of adjective wines from our production. You can choose from our 4 tasting packages, which differ in the number of wine samples tasted and each of these packages also includes a different variant of refreshments. The optimal number of tasters is 15-20. The standard program is scheduled for a 6-7 hour sitting in a wine cellar, whose history dates back to the 18th century, and where T. G. Masaryk also drank wine.

Part of the tasting in the wine cellar are two dinners, where we load all the dishes ourselves according to the original recipes of our grandmothers and serve them hot directly from the oven. In the first hour you will receive the 1st dinner of your choice. After dinner there is a guided tasting of 9 wine samples by cellar master Ing. Jiří Kukla.
The third and fourth lessons are for your entertainment. In the fifth hour of your stay, the 2nd dinner of your choice is served and you will spend the last hour free time again. The price also includes water, tea and coffee with a sweet dessert. As an accompanying program, we provide music, such as a dulcimer group.

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Vinarstvi Kukla - vino z Moravy


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