Vinarstvi V & M Zborovsky, v.o.s.

V & M Zborovský Winery, v.o.s. Velké Pavlovice is engaged in the production and sale of wines and burčák. We also organize wine tastings of our own production in a wine cellar in South Moravia. Our wines can be purchased through the e-shop. We also run an original wine café directly in the winery building.

Our family produces white, red, St. Martin's and special wines or rosé wines and clarets. You can buy quality, varietal and adjective wines from us. The wines are made from our own grapes, which we grow in the area of Velké Pavlovice and Bořetice. We also produce traditional Moravian burčák, which we sell from August to November.

You can buy bottled wines from our winery through the e-shop. We send purchased wines not only to the Czech Republic, but also to Slovakia. You can also buy cask and bottled wines in the company's wine shop. We also sell wines for companies. these wines are marked with the company logo on the bottle, label or packaging and will serve greatly as an advertising item for business partners or a gift for employees and customers.

We organize wine tastings in our wine cellar, which is located right in the center of Velké Pavlovice. A native winemaker will accompany you through the entire tasting process. We provide tastings in the form of tasting packages, refreshments and hot dishes. The capacity of the cellar is persons. In the wine cellar it is possible to organize corporate events, trainings or various types of celebrations.

The basic tasting lasts about 45 minutes and includes the tasting of 5 wine samples. Another type is the basic menu with a cold dish, where you can taste 7 samples of wine and at the same time enjoy cold garnished cheese and sausage dishes. Another tasting package also includes a tasting of 7 wine samples and a cold bowl, as well as hot food - the option to order a version with two hot courses. The last tasting package includes a tasting of 8 wine samples and hot food in the form of buffets throughout the event.

Directly in the winery building there is also an original wine café with an excellent assortment, such as Italian Mollinari coffee, hot and cold chocolate or loose tea. In the cafe you can enjoy bottled and bottled wines from our winery. Wi-Fi is available in the café, and there is a play area for children.

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